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Frugal Living means having more - not less 

The word frugal conjures up many thoughts and in the minds of people, and half the time thous thoughts could not be further from the truth. Being frugal simply means spending wisely and knowing how and where to cut expenses. Does being frugal mean you can never have a brand name pair of shoes, nice car or awesome vacation? Of course not, however you have to be creative and less wasteful in other areas. There are steps to take if you want to have more without working more. The amount of money people waste is staggering and most people have no idea where the money went ....(continue reading)

Guide to fabulous frugal fashion 

In the world of endless selfies and social media entries and likes there's a pressure to look good and trendy.But can you do it on budget and without spending excessively? Absolutely yes, and this frugal fashion guide will tell you how. What is frugal fashion? It is not about only saving money but rather getting best value for your buck. Fashion trends are changing rapidly and there's no shortage of ultra cheap clothing....(continue reading)       

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