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    Twins compared to one child.

    Well, I think that once you are blessed with twins, your family is complete, you no longer will have to wait for another child a few years after your first one. And if the twins are boy and girl, then all the more blessed you will be. How old are you now? I hope you get married and get what you...
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    Population control is a must

    What you say probably has a grain of truth. However, the population, in spite of high mortality rate is still exploding and the ratios of races are all skewed. While Western countries see a steady decline in birth rate, countries with Islamic religion are growing at an alarming rate and causing...
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    Living together to save on rent.

    It will certainly depend on the local culture and willingness on part of everyone involved. While in India, it is common practice for children to keep living with their parents even after their marriage, in Western culture, it is not approved of. So it depends where you live to follow this practice.
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    Same clothes

    I have done it for a long time until a couple of years ago. I owned a few clothes that I wore often and had expensive silk sarees which I wore on occasions. It is only now recently that I have started buying clothes that I like , but within reason.
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    Be honest - do you buy fake signature brands?

    I don't care much for name brands. All I look for is comfort and whether the colour and design is appealing to me. If I find something that I like and afford, I wouldn't mind if it is a fake brand product.
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    Keeping the kids safe from dangers

    I never trusted my son with anyone. Even when we visited relatives, I always kept my eye on him and never let him use even the bathroom unaccompanied.
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    Minimizing food wastage

    I use leftovers too to make a new dish. Sometimes I make extra food to make some different dish the next day. Otherwise I cook only that what we can eat at one time.
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    What is the most popular gift for the kids?

    Toys are definitely popular with kids. Some toys like, Lego, Mechanix, Barbie dolls etc. will never go out of fashion.
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    What is your alternative ride from the public transport?

    I hire Uber or Ola cabs for longer distances. There are many car companies now who have come up with electric bikes but they are still quite expensive yet an there is the problem of finding a charging station if you happen to run out of battery when out somewhere.
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    First Payment Received!

    You will, for sure! Hope this motivates you too to keep participating here! All the best!
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    Herbal drink to prevent kidney stones in dogs

    If it has been proved to be safe, then no problem. Better natural methods than harmful chemical based products produced by giant companies.
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    Borrowing from the relatives

    That is the problem with borrowing from relatives. They will never give it just because you need it, but they will give you money so they can make you listen to their snide remarks all the time.
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    Making your own fertilizer

    I use most of all that too. I dry used tea leaves, banana and potato peels, egg shells and then grind them up into powder which I use for my plantts. Makes excellent natural NPK and really helps in flowering. I have to buy cow dung manure since I live in a city.
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    Potted vegetables for the kitchen

    Lovely. The plants also look really good when arranged properly. So have you started planting your own veggies now?
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    The garden picnic for weekends

    Renting out gardens for social events to others does sound very interesting and lucrative idea.