Frugal Tips

Tips how to be Fabulous and Frugal

Frugal and Fabulous Tips

  • Don't be wasteful. Be sustainable. Use your money/assets efficiently
    ask your self  Do I really need it or just like the idea of having it and toss it away after few uses
  • Try not to impress the wrong crowd
    don't try to keep up with neighbors, and instead focus on what really matters to you
  • Be willing to compromise
    if possible buy used, go off season, look for different option etc.
  • Don't be cheap or stingy
    don't try to pinch pennies in every instance and suffer consequences of spending much more in the long run
  • Do your research
    don't purchase on impulse. Compare prices, do DIY if possible, look for promotions, specials, sales or coupons etc.
  • Be yourself. Be confident
    avoid trying too hard to impress since it's very transparent and counterproductive to you and your wallet
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    Jan 13, 2022
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