Guide & Strategies

Guide and Strategies

Take advantage of the balance, prosperity and stress free life that frugal lifestyle can bring by changing your mindset.  Make few adjustments from the list below and focus on implementation until it becomes a habit.

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  • Don't be wasteful. Be sustainable. Use your money/assets efficiently
     ask your self  Do I really need it or just like the idea of having it and toss it away after few uses
  • Try not to impress the wrong crowd
     don't try to keep up with neighbors, and instead focus on what really matters to you
  • Be willing to compromise
     if possible buy used, go off season, look for different option etc.
  • Don't be cheap or stingy
     don't try to pinch pennies in every instance and suffer consequences of spending much more in the long run
  • Do your research
     don't purchase on impulse. Compare prices, do DIY if possible, look for promotions, specials, sales or coupons etc.
  • Be yourself. Be confident
    avoid trying too hard to impress since it's very transparent and counterproductive to you and your wallet
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    Jan 17, 2023
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