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With inflation still near a 40-year high, the Federal Reserve's policy making arm delivered a third consecutive (and not a last one) three-quarters of a percentage point hike in its short-term benchmark fed funds rate to a 5% to 6% target range. Here is what it means for your wallet.
To put it bluntly inflation is eating your money and here is what you should do to protect your self.  More tips how to protect your spending power (here).

Credit Cards 
Credit Card Interest Rates Hit a 26-year peak—and are about to go even higher
Credit card rates are closely linked to the Fed’s actions, so consumers with revolving debt can expect to see those rates rise, usually within one or two billing cycles. The average credit card rate was 18.1 percent as of Sept. 14, according to, up from around 16 percent in March, when the Fed began its series of rate increases. Here is more details...
Consumers should take advantage of various offers by issuers such as balance transfers with 0% or low APR%, earning bonuses, cash back programs and more. Here are links to best offers and tips how to utilize these offers.
7 best credit cards offeres
5 credit cards with sign in bonuses
Credit cards that offer ptr-approval or pre-qualification
Low balance transfer credi cards competiotion 

Personal Loans
As with all other loans rates are are at 10-20 years high and will most likely keep going up due to higher interest rates banks charge and more stringent lending requirements. Here are the best personal loan lenders at this time (details here) and also (here). For low credit and payday loans comparisons (check here).

Banking and Saving
if there's a silver lining with raising interest rates it would with saving and some interest paying checking accounts. Saving money right now could pay off in the long run. That's because interest rates in your savings account could go even higher (more details here). Here are the best savings account offers (details here) and for best checking accounts (here)

Home Loans
Mortgage rates jumped more than a quarter point this week and remain at the highest level in 17 years, offering no relief to sidelined home buyers (read the full article here).
Here is a overview of the best mortgage lenders and home loan offers for various conditions at this time (read here) and also (here)

Auto Loans
How much will the recent interest hike affect your car/auto loan (details here). Rates for new car/auto loans are going up. To find out average car loan rates by credit score (check here) and for best car/auto loan (check here).

Student Loans
With all the news regarding recent proposal for student loan forgiveness here is what we picked as very informational. Student Loan Forgiveness Eligibility (details here) and also (here). Student Loan forgiveness and taxes (read here).
Best Student Loans Comparisons (here) and also (here).

Credit Score
Credit score ranges explained (here). Credit Karma, Experian offer free FICO reports and score checking online (Experian offers their score for free and Credit Karma's Equifax and Transunion are free). Here are the links:
Credit Karma

Life Insurance
Evaluate your life insurance options before committing (details here) and here are comparisons for best life insurance policies (details here) and (here).

Inflation may actually save you money on your taxes. (read full article here). Some tax filers qualify for free tax return preparation and filing (details here) and more resources for free tax filing (here) and (here).