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    Eating crackers can affect the cholesterol level

    Unfortunately, most of the foods and snacks that people crazy for, are very unhealthy and always lead to complications. Most fast food joints are responsible for 90% of all clogged arteries, obesity and heart problems imo.
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    Making your own fruit juice or shake

    Also try it with passion fruit. It is one of my favorites.
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    Less canned goods now

    I have never used any canned goods in my life. Wait, that's a lie. I once used canned Tomato Paste and that's it. I prefer fresh goods whether it be proteins from animals and plants, veggies or fruits
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    Herbal Beauty Products

    Herbal all the way. As a matter of fact, if I had my way I would make my own herbal products
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    Going abroad to work is not a good option for the family

    I have heard of similar morbid stories. It sickens me. Although, not all experiences were the same. Some came back happy with what they found out and even went back a couple of times.
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    The rural bank for the account of the kids

    It is good to see organizations willing to teach kids the importance of saving especially from a tender age.
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    Summer shedding of the dog's fur

    I've never had a do so this is news to me. At least the dog is not sick or anything.
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    What kind of gift is best for a debut party?

    Jewelry, maybe? I believe a necklace or bracelet will suffice
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    Buying government bonds for a higher interest earnings

    I will definitely do my homework before I do anything extreme. Thanks.
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    Be aware of the expiration date of the drinks that you store at home

    Bread and Milk are the only items I always remember to check.
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    Simple fried chicken drumsticks

    This sounds easy enough to make at home. As a matter of fact I have all those ingredients apart from the chicken but I can always buy that. Thanks for all these amazing recipes you keep posting.
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    Cucumber omelette for breakfast

    That sounds delicious and very healthy. I am definitely stealing your recipe lol.
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    Ordering food for delivery or dining out

    When you are a situation where you don't feel like cooking or for whatever reason you don't have food at home, I would suggest ordering out and get some takeout. It is cheaper and saves a lot of time and energy.
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    Be aware of the expiration date of the drinks that you store at home

    I didn't even know beverages like coke and OJ had expiration dates. I guess the main reason for this is because they hardly ever last in my house to get the chance of going bad.
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    The debut party is very important in our culture

    So it is like a rite of passage, celebrating a girl's transition to womanhood? Similar to how in Mexico they have quinceañera when girls turn15 years old.
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    Moderation in almost everything

    Moderation is important in all aspects of life. I always like to give 'portions of food' as an example but I guess we are currently discussing about moderation when it comes to spending.
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    Buying government bonds for a higher interest earnings

    I had no idea. Maybe it's time I put on my big-boy-pants and invest in bonds if the profit margin is as good as you claim
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    Small realistic savings regularly for peace of mind

    My bank account was dormant for a while until recently when I decided to revive it. I'm pretty bad at saving but I'm trying to get better. Hopefully 2022 is the year I get things right.
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    Airline passengers can be bumped off the flight

    I guess things are looking up after all. I know it sucks for your friend this is clear indication that pretty soon we will be looking at Covid-19 like a nightmare.
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    What stove are you using?

    I am a bachelor so i have a 13kg gas cylinder connected to a stove equipped with 2 cooking places. This is enough for me.