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  1. ZaynOconnor

    The traditional birthday party

    Oh, birthdays sure bring back memories! I had a few when I was little, but as I got older, things changed. Your parents' idea of giving money is pretty smart – helps us learn the value of money early on. But I still miss those cake-and-candle days sometimes!
  2. ZaynOconnor

    It is so lonely to be alone

    I'm really sorry for your loss. It must've been incredibly tough losing your wife. Your story hits home, showing how important the people we have are. Grief takes time, but glad to hear you're gradually feeling better. Reach out if you need to chat. 💙
  3. ZaynOconnor

    Avoiding expensive hobbies for the kids

    Seems like that neighbor went all out on those toys! But I get it, we've all got our moments of indulgence. Selling them now makes sense, better than letting their value drop further. Wonder if they'll reinvest in something else fun or more practical. 🚤🛥️
  4. ZaynOconnor

    The schooling of the children is the priority

    You're totally right, it's interesting how priorities differ based on circumstances. Education seems like a big ticket for middle-class families, investing in a brighter future. But yeah, it's tough for lower-income families with immediate needs and temptations. Hope things change for them...
  5. ZaynOconnor

    United we eat, divided we do the chores

    Oh man, that motto brings back memories! We had a similar deal at my place growing up. I'd be out in the yard any day over dealing with weeds though. And yep, cheese snacks were the real reward! 🧀
  6. ZaynOconnor

    When someone in the family gets sick

    @Alexandoy, your support for your friend and her family during this challenging time is truly heartwarming. It's never easy to witness a loved one's health deteriorate, especially in cases like pancreatic cancer. Your gesture of sponsoring a trip for her mother to reunite with relatives is both...