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    Do you take a lot of coffee?

    I am not a coffee person but I used to drink one cup of milk with one teaspoon full of instant coffee to change the taste of milk (I don't like the smell of milk). However, I have stopped that for time being because I am drinking milk-mango shake these days because we have mangoes in abundance...
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    What is the most frugal thing you do to save money?

    You know what? I ate mangoes for lunch today just because we have two trees of mangoes and available enough as this is the peak of mango season here. So once my wife suggested eating mangoes and save money, I agreed immediately. I love eating mangoes and planning to eat them for lunch for the...
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    What is the most frugal thing you do to save money?

    I am using Apps that offer a lot of cashback these days. I am happy with them as I am living under mandatory locked down so saving money as well as saving myself from catching the virus. I hope there will be more Apps available and they will offer more cashback.
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    Why have things stopped around here?

    Probably the credits were the reason. I saw credits exhausting too fast so the forum was activating and deactivating accordingly. Now that the forum has credit, you should get credit in your account. However, I am a newbie here so not much aware of the reality.
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    What is the most frugal thing you do to save money?

    No one talked about walking here. I have walked long distances to save money on petrol as well on doctors :) One should know the importance of saving on various items including health, money and the environment. I have done it all and find myself closer to nature during my walks in forests and...
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    Do we really need to party?

    I have not faced much of a problem since I spent most of my time in Canberra, the safest place on earth as far as Covid 19 is concerned. Yes, we have faced a couple of precautionary restrictions but that kept us healthy. In fact, most of us were following self-restriction and enjoying life even...
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    What is the most frugal thing you do to save money?

    To be precise what is better than walking short distances. That saves you money as well as the bill on healthcare. I have been walking and biking a lot of late that has done me a world of good. I am fitter and also saving on petrol. There is a long list of things that one can do to save money...