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  1. nangk08

    A hut in the mountain resort

    A hut like resort in the mountains sound so idyllic and peaceful, especially during these hot summers. Hope you have a good time.
  2. nangk08

    Using empty soda bottles for potting herbs

    I use empty water bottles and cleaner liquid bottles to grow lemongrass, coriander and mint. These bottles are quite handy and economical and easy to recycle this way.
  3. nangk08

    Consulting a herbalist for minor ailments

    Traditional herbs are the best way to address common ailments and to help build immunity. I rely mostly on the traditional herbal remedies at my home for everyday illnesses like common cold, cough, fever, etc. These work very well and are always safe and effective.
  4. nangk08

    Building with no window

    Modern architects use a lot of steel, concrete and glass in their buildings and then install airconditioners which make the buildings literally huge heat traps. I can imagine how claustrophobic I would feel in a building with no windows. Also, in case of fires, how will they rescue people...
  5. nangk08

    Why are tickets to the resorts very expensive?

    Such places have nowadays become a kind of lifestyle for people instead of casual entertainment. So such high costing tickets, would be my guess.
  6. nangk08

    Tenants are not easy to find

    Why not try online listing sites where you can advertise your property for a small fee?
  7. nangk08

    Choosing between good things

    Children have been exposed to TV and movies from a very young age nowadays and the visuals along with music etc. plays a very significant role in making them hooked to the movies. So most kids would anyway choose watching movies over spending time outdoors. Sad reality of the modern day world.
  8. nangk08

    Stuff toys for the women

    Women love everything that is cute and fluffy. I too have a large collection of various soft toys which I keep in my bedroom.
  9. nangk08

    A truly vegetable dish again

    You can substitute meat with different kinds of lentils and pulses, chickpeas etc. to compensate for the proteins that you are missing out. Pulses and lentils with vegetable and spices are very wholesome and also tasty.
  10. nangk08

    Using the air conditioner for comfort at home

    We have ceiling fans in all the rooms in my home, but since I live in the top floor, the concrete slab gets heated up and so the ceiling fans also circulate hot air. So I am thinking of buying at least one pedestal fan which we can move around from room to room as needed. I am not considering...
  11. nangk08

    How to get the kids away from playing computer games

    I agree completely. Introduce the kids to first healthy, outdoor playing, reading books, better hobbies etc. instead of computer and mobile games. That way, you will not have to worry about such things.
  12. nangk08

    Have you tried the Air-BnB accommodation?

    Air BnB properties are managed by private operators who have spare rooms in their home or separate specially built properties to be let out. It depends on how well they themselves keep their properties. So with some, you may have good experience while with others you may have negative...
  13. nangk08

    What kind of gift is best for a debut party?

    An 18th year old girl is just starting out in the world and would have plenty of things that she wants for herself. Best ask her up front what she wants , that is, if the family is close to you. Or else, just gift her the money in a nice envelope. Or if the option exists in your country, gift...
  14. nangk08

    Adopt a pet, do not buy

    What? This is so cruel and disgusting! I thought that the breeders were fond of animals and were into it for their love of the animals and not just money. How can someone kill little adorable puppies?
  15. nangk08

    The date of the prescription is important

    Even if the sickness or illness is the same as the one for which the prescription was given to you, there might be slight change in the circumstances or even some symptoms. So the old medicine will not always work and in rare cases, it may even have certain side effects. So the pharmacists are...
  16. nangk08

    Pets that you should not have

    People with lots of money have no restrictions or misgivings as to what kind of animals they can have as pets. Celebrities have been known to own exotic animals such as leopards, tigers, snakes etc. as snakes. Common people like us can barely afford to have such pets since we lack money and...
  17. nangk08

    The public is advised against private lenders

    In India too, lending money privately is made illegal, yet people find ways to operate in the dark without letting authorities know. It is the need of the people that drives them towards such lenders.
  18. nangk08

    New investment scam around here

    There is a rapid increase in the number of scamsters around the world ever since the pandemic started. Millions of people have lost jobs and/or reduced income so many are turning to scams for earning money. There is also a marked increase in the variety of ways they use to scam unsuspecting people.
  19. nangk08

    The tamarind for flavoring the soup

    I like ripe tamarind just like that, its sour and slightly sweet. We use ripe tamarind to prepare a variety of chutneys and sauces and also to season curries and vegetable preparations. We also use green tamarinds to prepare chutneys. Young women and children like to eat green tamarind seasoned...
  20. nangk08

    No more tin roof for durability

    Tin roofing is indeed cheaper and durable, but what do you all do to reduce the house heating up due to tin?