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  1. nangk08

    Leaving water outside for the birds

    The heat is becoming unbearable, so much so that the natural water resources are drying up. This leads to birds becoming exhausted and ultimately dying due to thirst. So I have put out a few clay bowls of water in my window and the terrace for the birds to drink from. Today morning, I observed...
  2. nangk08

    Rice flour and honey scrub

    Today I prepared a dish made of rice flour for breakfast and had a little of it left over. So I just mixed the flour with a little honey, yoghurt and a few drops of lemon juice. I left this pack on face for 10 minutes and then scrubbed it off. It has evened out my skin tone to some extent. This...
  3. nangk08

    Losing weight safely

    What is best way to lose weight safely? I mention safely here because most ways of weight loss means depriving your body of essential nutrients and by the time you lose weight, you end up looking like a sick patient. So without looking like that, is there any sure way of losing weight that you...
  4. nangk08

    Teaching children the correct values

    I see so many families around me, some close friends and relatives also, who no longer seem to value the basic values such as being respectful and kind, being considerate to others etc. Hence they do not teach these values to the children at all and then complain how the children are becoming so...
  5. nangk08

    Dividing the family

    A lady who lives just across us in our apartment is facing this issue. Her youngest son who lives with her got married recently and the girl was quite well behaved until now. They recently got back from the honeymoon and is now threatening to take over the entire household and trying to have an...
  6. nangk08

    Taking care of old parents!

    As the title suggests. this is about taking care of your parents as they grow old. It becomes a challenge if there are more than one child. Especially with the sons, with each one expecting the other to perform this duty. My husband is the youngest of three sons and up until now, his oldest...
  7. nangk08

    Exploring all sections here!

    I was just going through different tabs on my home page and came across the tab called Showcase. I wonder what it means, can someone explain please? There are no previous entries in that section so really can't make out. If more can be known about it, all of us can contribute there.
  8. nangk08

    Changing climates due to global warming

    Much has been said on this topic and there are numerous discussions and proposed solution to avert climate change. But is it of any use? Unless and until, we keep destroying forests and changing courses of rivers, keep building concrete and steel monstrosities, all is futile. Now, it is supposed...
  9. nangk08

    Threat of Omicron

    After almost two years, the Coronavirus epidemic was seen retreating and life was returning to normal. Just when we thought that the virus would vanish for ever, it has returned with a new variant called Omicron. Although, there is still no evidence of it penetrating the masses, we still need to...
  10. nangk08

    Let us spread some good cheer!

    I posted a picture of some of my flowers yesterday and Alexandoy said he really liked them. That gave me an idea to start this thread. I just hope that everyone likes and participates in this. Let us post one picture a day of something that made us happy and forget our troubles for a moment. Any...
  11. nangk08

    Apps for working online

    I have been working on an app called Crownit on my phone. This app works fro android phones, and you get surveys almost on a daily basis. I have earned enough in terms of Paytm cash which I used to buy lots of things. Although the earning is a bit slow for me, it might work well for others. Have...
  12. nangk08

    My prized flowers!

    I love growing flowers and try to get seeds of as many different varieties as I can find. Just wanted to share the picture of Clitoria ternatea flowers, pink variety that is in full bloom these days. Although this is a climber, the plant is still quite small so I have not given it any support as...
  13. nangk08

    Traditional TV is fast becoming obsolete!

    Now all the major film makers and TV program producers are shifting to OTT platforms such as Amazon Prime and Netflix. You have to subscribe to these channels in order to watch new content. I think it is quite annoying to pay extra for new content when you are already paying a lot of monthly...
  14. nangk08

    Winter gardening.

    It is the onset of winter and most of my plants are already looking miserable as they are going dormant now. Some of the seasonals are already dead and I am now removing them, preparing the soil to plant some new ones. I have already planted a couple of varieties of flowers and looking for more...
  15. nangk08

    First Payment Received!

    Dear friends, I just wanted to share with you all that I received a whopping 25$ from Frugal Living Forums yesterday as my contribution here. It was such a pleasant surprise when I was asked to send my Paypal email id and then to receive the amount. It really inspires me and motivates me to keep...
  16. nangk08

    How does the rewards program really work here?

    I did read the Rewards Program on Frugal Living, however, there is no mention of how points are converted and what is the minimum required threshold etc. So has anyone ever benefited or earned from it here? If yes, can you explain in simple words?
  17. nangk08

    Why have things stopped around here?

    Is there something wrong? I see no new threads or new posts, whatever we have posted on since last week, the credits have not been given for them in the TFW. What is happening?
  18. nangk08

    Cooking oil

    I prefer to use cold-pressed oil which has only been filtered and generally dislike using refined oil. Refined oils are supposedly heated at high temperatures and some chemicals are added to the process to 'purify' them and then vitamins such as A, D, E etc. added to them. So I prefer not to use...
  19. nangk08

    Flaxseed gel for hair!

    Yesterday I tried out flaxseed gel mask for my hair. My niece watched it on youtube or somewhere and tried it out. I loved how lovely her hair looked and so I tried it myself. I mixed one tablespoon of flaxseeds in one and a half cup of water, put it to boil on a medium flame. Kept stirring it...
  20. nangk08

    Mini lockdown affecting home deliveries

    Starting today, we are now facing another lockdown, although shops for essential items such as food, medicine etc. are going to remain open. Home delivery of groceries and essential are also continuing although they are being made to stop delivering non-essentials such as clothes, electronics...