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  1. Mildredtabitha

    Sleeping early to avoid snacking

    But its okay if you normally exercise.I mean food is meant to eaten anyway.As long as you have a limit of what you are consumiing.
  2. Mildredtabitha

    How do you define a rich person?

    For me a rich person is one who has alot of material things like a good house,clothes,shoes,land.A rich person is one who can live a cormfotable life without worrying about money.And if they loose their job there and then they can still live cormfortably for a couple of years.
  3. Mildredtabitha

    No joyride for more than a week

    I also never like going out because of extreme heat. I would rather stay at home. The heat could lead to sunburn and skin cancer especially if the person is exposed everyday. We need to carry good amount of sunscreen.
  4. Mildredtabitha

    The tv program by a chef

    We have a television network for farmers and we do have food shows too. I like how they share everything about making profits from farming and keeping domestic animals. I also like how they use simple ingredients to make a nice meal that is very affordable to prepare yourself.
  5. Mildredtabitha

    Consulting a herbalist for minor ailments

    I know herbs can heal but I never trust herbalists. Most of them are only in the business to make money and not really to cure people. It is not good to put your trust in them. It is better to make your own home remedies that you know are good for your health.
  6. Mildredtabitha

    Building with no window

    That would really be an unhealthy place to live in. And artificial oxygen is not good for our health. We need windows and we need to breathe in fresh air.
  7. Mildredtabitha

    Building a big house for the entire family

    I like that idea too. It means the old parents have people to take care of them too. It would be really boring to live in a big house and have no one to share it with. A house should feel like home and not just a roof on our heads.
  8. Mildredtabitha

    Cutting down on the groceries to improve nutrition

    Cutting down on groceries is really something difficult to do. This is because we need all nutrients and we always desire to eat new things. It is only easy to cut down on groceries if you decide to eat the same foods repeatedly.
  9. Mildredtabitha

    Wedding in a far away province

    Or you could also decide not to go because of the pandemic. It is good to avoid social events because of Covid. On top of this, you will have saved on money and you will have low risks of catching covid.
  10. Mildredtabitha

    The market value of real estate has increased much

    Same here in my country. Houses and apartments are selling for more than millions. Real estate is good investment but not for everybody.
  11. Mildredtabitha

    An offer of a puppy

    You could take the offer and gift it to someone else. Puppies can make good gifts to pet lovers. Perhaps you now have the answer to a gift you wanted to give the birthday girl you were invited to visit.
  12. Mildredtabitha

    Investing in a crop

    I think you should research to get more information. Farm investment is good. You should factor in things like drought, floods and natural calamities to avoid future losses.
  13. Mildredtabitha

    My own actuarial computation

    God can even make you even live up to more than 100 years. Do not limit yourself to 100 years because only God's will will prevail. I'm glad you have enough supply for your future needs. It is always good to think ahead.
  14. Mildredtabitha

    The mulberry plant for nutrition of the goat

    I didn't know that too. I often see goats eating grass. You have a good investment idea to buy a lot and keep goats while sheltering them. That will be profitable because goat meat is very valuable and delicious.
  15. Mildredtabitha

    Having fresh fruits on the table

    Bananas are also available here all year round. And now avocados are available at the market. It seems it is the avocado season. We buy fruits too although we don't display them on the table. We just keep them in the kitchen. There are many fruits sold here just around 10 minute walk from home.
  16. Mildredtabitha

    Roasting during summer

    Experiencing all the four seasons of the year must be very nice for all of you. I also wouldn't want to do such a task out in the hot sun. Evenings are nice with the cool breeze.
  17. Mildredtabitha

    Celebrating my birthday in my favorite restaurant

    Maybe inviting them will reduce expenses because they will pay for everything. Or maybe they will surprise you. But by the time your birthday arrives, you will be sure what you want.
  18. Mildredtabitha

    Going on a hike by myself

    You just need to pray to God for protection if you are a Christian. You don't need to imagine bad things. Maybe you will meet someone during your hike and it could be a friendship that will help you never feel lonely again.
  19. Mildredtabitha

    A trip to the province after Holy Week

    Maybe you are just being paranoid or maybe you are too suspicious of everyone which is not good. This could mean you are living in fear. Just share your thoughts and feelings with them so you can be sure if what you are suspecting of them is true. Maybe they just want to spend more time with...
  20. Mildredtabitha

    Your lifestyle will define your standard of living

    That is a good advice that your friend should come and read. It will be more painful when they are forced to change their lifestyle because of lifestyle diseases. But maybe nothing bad will ever happen to them and their children will never be obese. Time will tell.