5 Frugal Hobbies That Cost Next to Nothing

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A hobby can provide a welcome respite to the day-to-day worries of your life. Having a hobby can decrease your stress levels, reduce boredom, and give you something to look forward to in your life. Hobbies allow us to try something new and learn new skills. However, hobbies can also be costly and can stretch your budget beyond its limits, but they do not have to. The best hobbies can provide you with enjoyment, but not take a lot of money from your budget. It is possible to have fun and pick up a hobby for next to no cost that will please even the most frugal person.

5 examples of hobbies that are easy on the wallet and great for frugal people include:

• Gardening: Gardening can be a great frugal hobby and can provide you with a variety of fruits, vegetables, and herbs to feed your family throughout the summer. You can even can or freeze your crop so that you can use your garden surplus throughout the winter. Although gardening can have a high initial start-up cost of supplies, many of these supplies do not need to be repurchased and can be reused year after year. In the long run, gardening is a great hobby for the frugal as it can save you money long-term.

• Reading: Reading is a great hobby for those of all ages. You could choose to read a fiction book and escape into another world or read a book to learn about an interest that you may have. Best of all, libraries and apps such as Overdrive can make this hobby completely free.

• Cooking: Cooking is something that many people must do every day, but that doesn't mean that it cannot be enjoyable. Cooking for yourself also has the added bonus in that if it keeps you and your family from eating out at restaurants, the savings can add up drastically. Additionally, there are also a variety of instructional videos and blogs online that you can use to improve your cooking skills for free.

• Exercising: Exercise is great for your physical and mental health, and you do not necessarily need a fancy gym membership to get the benefits of exercise. Instead, consider walking or running outside. There are also various books and guides online that can teach you how to perform exercises that you can perform using only your bodyweight that will not cost you anything in terms of equipment. You can also find plenty of YouTube videos for various workouts including yoga, cardio, and dancing that will get you moving for free.

• Camping: Camping allows you to get away without spending a bunch of money. You may need to spend some money initially on a tent and other supplies, but in the long run, you will save a lot of money over spending money on accommodations when visiting a new area. There are also free and low-cost campsites that can further minimize the cost of this hobby.

No matter which hobby you choose to take part in, it is sure to provide you with endless amounts of enjoyment.


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Lovely article, it really shows that you can have fulfilling and productive hobbies without spending any money. Except for exercising and camping, I enjoy all the other activities regularly!

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