A 3-star versus a 5-star hotel


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Is there a big difference with the hotel that is rated 5 star against a 3-star hotel? I'd say the ambiance or the hotel itself is the difference. An expensive hotel has a bigger space in the lobby and probably in the room too. But with the food and the complimentary breakfast there is not much difference. When we go abroad I always prefer the 3-star hotel because of the cheaper price.


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The hotels are both similar and they got such ratings because of client's personal preferences. One customer would give it a five star rating and another will give an average rating. I think the main difference is just the cost of staying in the hotel.


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I personally feel that 5-star hotels are meant for those people who possess a lot of money that they can throw around. For common people like us, all that we look for is money's worth, that is good and clean rooms with clean bedding, hygienic surroundings and easily accessible transport to get around. It doesn't matter to me if the hotel does not have a start rating.

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