A vacation house is a good investment too


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A vacation house that is located in a town that is popular for tourists is a good investment. My brother bought a lot in Baguio City which is the summer capital of our country. The tourists are always there and tourism is its major industry. The weather is very cool and pleasant not to mention the fresh vegetables in the farm. A vacation house there can be rented to transients. Unfortunately my brother migrated to the US and sold his lot in the process.


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That is really a good idea for someone who wants to invest in houses. Your brother had taken the right path. We do have guest houses here too. I might consider investing in them too someday.


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I have a strict budget that allows me to put a certain amount of cash into my monthly wallet. I also want to budget a certain quarterly amount to invest in stocks and funds that pay more dividends. Since this is not my top priority, I will decide how much to invest based on what other financial goals I have achieved this quarter. I plan to increase my contributions as I become more financially savvy and make more money.
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