Adopt a pet, do not buy


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There is a campaign against buying animals for a pet. The campaign is focused on adoption in order to discourage the breeders. Do you know that some breeders kill their puppies when they are 3 months old and there were no buyers? That is inhuman and cruel to do. But that happens because their focus is the business and not the welfare of the animals. If we do not buy then the breeders will close shop.


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What? This is so cruel and disgusting! I thought that the breeders were fond of animals and were into it for their love of the animals and not just money. How can someone kill little adorable puppies?


Sounds like a really good idea. I have seen numerous platforms that assist individuals in adopting their pets. It is a better alternative than buying. The reason is that there are so many pets-dogs, cats and other species-that end up suffering after being abandoned. Adopting these and showing them the love they need is the best option. While I am not entirely opposed to buying, the breeder issue makes sense as they are only concerned about making profits. Overall, I would encourage people to link with their local animal care organizations, and this should facilitate the adoption process.

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