Alternative to going to events and theaters


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Would you mind not going to sports events and theatres so you can save on ticket?
If the event will be live on tv or online, then I would just stay at home and watch it instead of going to the physical event. This way I will have saved on transport costs and the money for buying entrance ticket.

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That's obviously beneficial. It's indeed cost-saving and I will do it too. Actually I am not a party-goer or attending any events like sports and concerts. If there's one or two, I just watch the replay on the TV.


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I am not keen on watching anything live when it comes to sports. I am not a fan of concerts anyway or even stage plays. If ever that I would watch then I would prefer to just watch in on tv or on Youtube. Think of the very expensive tickets to the live shows particularly when the performers are foreigners like the Korean boy band. Maybe it is wise to just stay home and watch an old show instead of going to the arena or the theater for the live performance.

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