An extra tv set for the housemaid


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I am planning to buy a new tv set for the benefit of our housemaid. She is quite fond of watching tv and spending late hours in watching her tv program. If she would have a tv set in her bedroom then she would be more comfortable. This idea came to my mind when I saw the sale of tv sets. It is 50% discount and that is a pretty good bargain. However, I am still in the point of deciding what size and brand of tv to buy.


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That is indeed so generous and kind of you. I am sure the maid would really be happy with the TV.


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That's nice of you but if it were me I would just allow her to continue watching the living room tv. Maybe it's because I don't have that much money so that's why am thinking like that. But I agree with you if you have the money you should try to spend it on living a comfortable life and also the ones around you.

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