Are motorbikes popular in your area?


Motorcycles are really popular around here, mainly used as a kind of taxi. This wasn't always the case. However, about a decade ago, they started becoming really popular. Many people like using them instead of buses, taxis, etc., as they are fast, cheap, and can beat traffic jams. Are motorbikes as popular where you are?


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Before the pandemic era the motorbike is already popular here that I have noticed that they constitute about 40% of the road population. But now it looks like they have grown to 50% of road users. The main reason is the lack of transportation due to the covid protocols that passengers of public buses are limited to 50% only (it used to be 30% but the authorities have loosened the rules).


We have plenty of motorbikes here but they are not used instead of public transport. They are very expensive to buy and most people use cars. Even with the pandemic I haven't noticed an increase in them.

I just googled it out of curiosity and found that motorbike sales dropped slightly in the UK during the pandemic but scooter sales have risen.


Motorbikes are the chief means of transport for men in India. There is public transport but the schedule and distance wise it is not favoured by many. Also, they are crowded too much. so most men and especially youngsters, favour motorbikes. With women and young girls, scooters are a favourite means of getting around.

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