Are you prepared for your pension plan?


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My retirement pension is from the government's pension plan which is meager. I did not trust the pension plan offered by private corporation because there were several cases when the insurance company closed due to bankruptcy. The pension plan was not really insured in such cases so it is like losing your hard earned premium payments. Now that I am receiving a meager monthly pension I still feel happy that I was not scammed.


I am already drawing my state pension and I took out a work one too. Thankfully I have paid off my mortgage and I have no other debts so financially I am in a good place. I also get paid for raising my granddaughter which helps out a lot.


My dad gets by with his pension plan, and he doesn't get debt, so I think it's sufficient enough for his expenses. He tells me the bigger contribution, the more that you will get, and I think that's fair enough.

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