Avoiding the cinema in this pandemic period


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From the words of the wise - avoid the cinema during the pandemic to be safe from the covid virus. I'd say that it is a good advice. Even if the cinema has been opened here last week, I wonder if there are movie goers because almost everyone is afraid of the covid virus. Another benefit is the high cost of the theater tickets that it is best to suffice yourself with the movies in the cable tv or maybe in the streaming. You will be safe when you don't leave home.


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I agree. Although I think those who go observe social distancing. Most cinemas in my country are closed because of the pandemic and because of lack of clients. I personally would say that avoiding the cinema is a good decision now.

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I once saw movie in Cinema just to experience the convenience of its amenities though the ticket was dear. That's long time ago. I never repeat it. At least I have experienced it watching movie in Cinema.

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