Avoiding the hype of a food or drink


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From time to time there is a type of food or drink that goes on a hype. Getting popular the public patronized the food or drink simply because it went viral in social media. The current hype here is the milk tea. Especially the younger generation the milk tea is their choice instead of the traditional fruit juice or fruit shake much more the soda. But the milk tea is very expensive that is why I frown whenever someone would order milk tea.

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In America, the 2 major brands of Root Beer soda are Barq's and A&W. You never see them advertise though. Ever. They have a great product that enough people love to where word of mouth is the only advertisement they need.

This is why I don't pay attention to hyped-up ads. It must not be that good if they have to aggressively advertise it.


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Yes, there are phases of such hypes about specific food and drinks, which were more pronounced during the Covid lockdown. Someone prepared something different, posted about it on social media and people totally went crazy with that. I do enjoy reading about such stuff but never take efforts to try those myself. One example of such overhyped drink in India was the Dalgona coffee last year during lockdown months of April and May! The pictures looked quite yucky!


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As long us the food or drink is worth the hype I support it. It true that after some time something new always comes up and gets the attention of people but sometimes the hype fades and they move to something else.

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