Be aware of the expiration date of the drinks that you store at home


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I am a Coke drinker and also orange juice for my morning drink. When I shop in the grocery I usually buy a case (24 cans) of Coke and several cartons of orange juice. Sometimes I also buy other drinks like ginger ale. A friend said that I should be checking the expiry of the drinks that are in our stock cabinet. I have to admit that I was not aware of that. From now on I would be checking the dates of the drinks that I would buy.


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Well, it is a basic thing actually, you have to look at the expiry date of all things that are packed. Especially when you buy canned items, bread and similar stuff. Most shopkeepers have a trick, they stock the products that are nearing expiry date on the front of the shelves so that people buy them first. But if you are not going to use them up quickly, then most of the stuff in it is going to be wasted. So it is important to check expiry dates of all things that you have at home and also when you buy them in shops.


I didn't even know beverages like coke and OJ had expiration dates. I guess the main reason for this is because they hardly ever last in my house to get the chance of going bad.


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I always check expiration date of many items I buy even if they are not edible. Your friend was right.
I think the fact that such drinks like coke are kept in a fridge, it could cause someone not to be aware of checking expiration date.

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