Being careful with investing prospects can save you from scams


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I have received an offer of investment yesterday from the colleague of my wife. She has retired several years ago and is into insurance. She said that aside from insurance she has joined a group with an investment program that is good. The money is invested in several programs but she did not elaborate. So that I can know everything I have to attend the seminar of 1 hour via internet video conference. Oh, I do not have much time to spend for that. The fact that she could not explain it by phone means the scheme is very complicated.


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I would strongly advise you against such a scheme. I have heard of such schemes. Don't even attend the session, because once you do, they will find it easy to trap you into their nefarious schemes and will not leave you alone until you invest in it. I once again implore you in good faith, do not ever trust anyone, even seemingly good friends or relatives, but take advise from a well established professional investor. You do have to pay his fees, but it will protect you from fraud schemes and people.

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