Boiled eggs with boiled plantains


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I used to call it cooked bananas only to learn recently that it is called cooked plantains.

Anyway with this recipe, you will enjoy this simple meal.

Peel the green unripe bananas (plantains). Wash and chop into pieces then put them in boiling water to boil. You can sprinkle some salt while they are boiling so they can cook and be tasty.

Boil eggs aside. Around four eggs should be enough for two people. While the eggs are boiling, chop onions and tomatoes into fine small pieces. Mix the tomatoes and onions and add salt to taste. (Your salad can have extra things like parsley and you can dress it how you want)

How to serve.

Place the boiled plantains in a plate after draining off excess water. Put on top of it chopped boiled eggs. Then on top add the chopped onions and tomatoes(salad) as much as you want.


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That looks an exotic food to me. We have some recipes for plantain but this is the first time that I have learned it can be mixed with boiled eggs. That kind of food is best for the athletes because that will give them the stamina from the plantain and the protein from the eggs. That is one advantage if you know your kitchen very well. You can whip up a good meal for the growing kids.


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I love boiled plantains served with rock salt, black pepper powder and a little bit of lemon juice. I also mix other spices, little boiled potatoes, coriander etc. and make them into patties. Boiled plantains with boiled eggs also sound very tasty and wholesome. A good option for a healthy breakfast.

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