Bonding with people via internet connection


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The video chat and the virtual conference is very popular now. Some seniors get connected in their prayer session by using the video conferencing. In this pandemic era we have to improvise just to be safe against the covid virus. Even if it sounds corny but I guess we can revive the relations with people that are not near us especially those who are abroad. I am thankful that the digital technology continues to evolve and improve.


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We also have most of our meetings via zoom and Google meets. Some of our meetings are also done on WhatsApp groups. I personally don't like this form of bonding because it can be affected by slow internet and network problems. I prefer bonding face to face.


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I totally agree with you. Modern technology has made our lives better. As for me, I prefer to communicate via messengers. previously I used several messengers, but now I have chosen for myself only one - whatsapp. This application allows me to communicate without limitation. With this application I can transfer large files, make video calls and it is always good quality. I think this is because the developers try and release updates gb whatsapp download apk very often
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