Building with no window


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The window is the traditional ventilation of a structure be it a house or a building. But now that climate change is here the architectural design has been affected. Getting popular among noted architects here are houses and buildings that have no window. This is a tropical country and air conditioning is a must. A house with air conditioning does not need a window and having no window is economical. Or is it, really?


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That would really be an unhealthy place to live in.
And artificial oxygen is not good for our health.
We need windows and we need to breathe in fresh air.


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Modern architects use a lot of steel, concrete and glass in their buildings and then install airconditioners which make the buildings literally huge heat traps. I can imagine how claustrophobic I would feel in a building with no windows. Also, in case of fires, how will they rescue people trapped in such windowless building?

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