Buying a large size soda


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I often see the large size soda cup being bought by the younger generation. It makes me wonder how they can finish that much soda in one sitting. I am also a soda drinker and it is Coke for me. But the medium size cup is more than enough for me. Anyway, I hope that those kids who drink so much soda will not have diabetes in the near future. Their body may get used to the sugar and there might be a health issue when they get a medical checkup.


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I saw a medical report and study on tv by an American doctor who said coca-cola and soda in general is not good for the health because drinking much of it causes diabetes.

When we buy soda, we could buy one litre of fanta and share it in my home. Sometimes we buy a crate of soda but I personally choose to drink fanta. We don't often drink soda here because we are aware it's not healthy. So we drink once in a while.

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