Buying fruits on sale


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In the supermarkets here that are kiosks that display fruits on sale. The price is 10% to 20% cheaper because they are nearing to be spoiled. Sometimes the bananas look good but if you look closely there are dark spots as well as in mangoes. My grandmother taught us to buy such fruits because they are cheap and the damage is only on the peel. What is your opinion on this issue of cheap fruits that is going stale?


I also buy fruits on the sale, this saves a lot of money. However, I make sure to buy in small quantities as buying in bulk might make you lose money when the fruits start rotting. I also make jams and pickles when I have overstocked fruits.


Those fruits are usually riper and more sweeter in taste. I prefer buying bananas with peels that are going dark because they are more delicious and better in taste. I never buy fruits from supermarkets but from the local grocers. There is an elderly gentleman who sells fruits in a kiosk near my home, I prefer buying from him only. In the evening, when I usually shop, he gives me most of fruits which are left at a discounted rate.

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