Buying gifts much earlier than the occasion


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A week before Valentine's Day or Mother's Day or any other occasion expect gift items to have a higher mark up. It is always like that based on my personal observation. The thing is to buy a gift a month before the occasion so the price will be regular and not higher. I know that roses and flowers do not fall into that category since you cannot buy it in advance. But other gift items especially jewelry can be bought earlier and with a discount too.


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Its a wise thing to do. Nowadays, seeing how commercial all the occasions and festivals have become, prices of most gifting things increase a lot around the time of those actual days. So it is better to buy them in advance when they are still reasonably priced.


There can be two things, you may either end up paying more or get huge discounts. When you buy earlier, you can get discounts. However, when you are buying just a day or two before the event, you may get even better deals (as the businesses are trying to lure more customers). I have noticed that you get better deals when you buy 1-2 days earlier, or even on the day of the event.


It reminds me of the flowers that have a higher price tag when All Saint's Day or All Soul's Day is right around the corner, and also during Valentine's Day. Sellers do take advantage of the price surge during popular occasions, so it's better to buy early to avoid the price hike.


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This christmas holidays offers have been starting from november where price get lowered.Most shopping centres have been doing this.


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I have a bad habit of buying gifts on the day of the holiday. Every time I promise myself that I will buy a gift in advance, but I don't succeed. I have to stand in lines afterwards, because a lot of people do the same as me

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