Choosing the best eatery


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Whether it is a cafe, bistro or a classy restaurant, you need to be choosy sometimes. Check on the menu and don't forget to determine the amount of food per order. Some Chinese restaurants serve too much on the plate that cannot be finished even by 2 persons. We had the experience in Singapore of a big bowl of wanton noodle soup that was more than enough for me and my wife. Think if we had ordered a bowl for each of us? With the cost it would always depend on the dishes that are served in a particular eatery. But the best is always the quality of food regardless of the cost.


Normally, I do not dine in a restaurant. I go to restaurants only when I am invited to someone's party or I am having a party of my own (birthday, new year celebrations, etc.). However, when I go to a restaurant, I am very choosy. I make sure that not only the restaurant is affordable, has good foods, but also has a cozy environment.


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We dine out at the restaurants occasionally, maybe 3 or 4 times in a year, to celebrate birthdays or our anniversary or sometimes just an outing with friends. I prefer the place where I eat to be completely vegetarian, with good food, recommended by friends. The place should be clean and the ambience good, not very fancy but cozy, serene environment.


Well, I live in the slums so I don't get to choose because they are all the same. Although, if I had to choose, I would definitely go with a clean, fancy place with good cuisines.


When you visit a restaurant, especially in a foreign country, you have to be considerate on the food items you eat. Trying out new foods for the first time can pose some problems. For example, a certain food may contain an ingredient that your body's digestive system may not deal with it, or may react with the body's enzymes.

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