Choosing the right restaurant


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I have dined in many classy restaurants here that is called fine dining because of the price of food. But I can say that less than half of those fine dining restaurants are worth my cents. Some have bland tasting food and some are not even up to the standard when it comes to the menu. It is ironic that Japanese and Korean restaurants are getting cheaper than the local restaurants here. Why dine in local when foreign is better?


Normally, I do not go to a posh restaurant. Food in a posh restaurant is expensive not because it tastes great or is very hygienic, it is just that people are paying more for the brand value. Usually, I go to a small restaurant, where food costs less. I can get a soda for 5o cents in a normal restaurant, the same bottle costs $1 in a posh restaurant, why should I pay more?


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I think it's impossible to choose a restaurant that will please everyone because everyone has different tastes. Some people love seafood and can't eat meat. One day my boss decided to organize a corporate party for the employees. I happily accepted his invitation, and together with my colleagues, we went to and the food I tasted there surprised me. I have never eaten with such pleasure. I even wanted to ask the chef for the recipe for some dishes. All the elements of the dish were in perfect harmony with each other.
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I can't say I have experience dining in posh restaurants in my country. Yes it's expensive but I think they are quality foods and taste great depending on how you like your food. Just go to a restaurant that you love their preparations or pick the meals you love in the restaurant. You can find that some restaurants are best in cooking certain meals while others meals aren't that good.

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