Choosing the type of food that is cost effective for the budget


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Seeing the poor people in the market I couldn't help but think that what they can afford are mostly vegetables and fish. But it is not good to be feasting on fish and vegetables every day. What about the meat? We can buy small pieces of pork or even beef that we can mix with the soup or vegetables in order to give a variety in the dining table. As I had posted in another thread we have meat once a week and sometimes twice or even thrice depending on the budget.


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Most poor people in the slums in my town can't afford meat too. It makes sense because meat is not cheap here. But there are many hotels in the slums where cooked meat is very cheap and affordable so they can eat there.

We also have meat often in my family like maybe twice or thrice a week. My mother discovered a place where meat is cheaper compared to the one sold in my estate. So we now have meat frequently because we can get it at almost half the price we used to buy earlier. And the meat is fresh.

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We can afford to buy expensive foods or meals but we rather buy cheap foods but yet nutritious and healthy like vegetables, fishes or seafood and fruits.


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In general, poor people mostly do not buy fish and vegetables for themselves, as you say, they generally do not buy normal food for themselves

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