Cleanliness in the home is a must


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When I was young I was annoyed whenever my mother would ask me to mop the floor. But when I became an adult that's when I learned that cleaning the home is very important. When the home is dirty that can be the cause of sickness like dust can be uncomfortable for kids with breathing problem like asthma. Mopping the floor every morning is one good rule for the health of the family inside the home.


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Cleaning around the house is an essential chore and it does take a lot of time and effort, so its not liked by many. Even as a youngster I used to really not liking doing cleaning but I still never complained because I liked to help my mother. Now, my son also helps me do various chores, he is quite slow at doing such work, he would rather sit and read his books, but he does help me. Cleaning teaches the value of hygiene and also is a good exercise for the body as it involves stretching, bending etc.


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it is very important but if you do not have time or energy you can hire a cleaner.Even family members can assist in the is also benefitial to them.

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That's right. Cleanliness should start at home. Actually cleanliness or being clean is a personal concern of every individual of not getting sick. Thus, to be healthy and to be happy are the result of staying clean.

I remember a saying that goes like this: cleanliness is next to godliness.


Home cleaning is unbagainable. In fact, let it be done by the children, not the maid. As you clean the compound, you help keep organisms away that could cause disease.

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Those poor family are letting their children do the daily chores like cooking the meals, washing the dishes and their clothes. They're trained not to be dependent with their mother.

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