Consulting a herbalist for minor ailments


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In my hometown which is now a city there used to be a famous herbalist. He is not a quack doctor as many would call him. A herbalist is one who knows a lot about curative herbs. For example fever is treated by a kind of leaf and not by the aspirin or paracetamol. That was proven more effective than the pills. I wonder how many in this forum would believe that herbs are curative and better than modern medicine?


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I know herbs can heal but I never trust herbalists.
Most of them are only in the business to make money and not really to cure people.
It is not good to put your trust in them.
It is better to make your own home remedies that you know are good for your health.


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Traditional herbs are the best way to address common ailments and to help build immunity. I rely mostly on the traditional herbal remedies at my home for everyday illnesses like common cold, cough, fever, etc. These work very well and are always safe and effective.

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