Cook at home to increase your savings


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This topic was the discussion in a tv show recently. Why dine out in this pandemic era? I have to agree that dining out will only expose you to the covid virus. Stay at home and be safe. Cook at home and enjoy the food with gusto and with no fear of the crowd. You may not believe that we have saved a lot during the pandemic because our regular dining out was stopped not because of financial concerns but to avoid the covid virus.


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We have always cooked at home even before the pandemic started. Cooking at home is cheaper compared to dining out in the long run.

I really enjoy preparing meals at home because apart from savings, I get to eat what I want.


I seldom eat out. I have been cooking my own food since I was very little, and I really enjoy the whole experience. It's also way cheaper which is another upside for preparing your meals at home.


Cooking food at home, it is more economical than eating in a restaurant. Unless the situation forces, I prefer cooking at home.

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