Cooking at home versus dining out


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In this pandemic era so many people in our circle have been contented in cooking at home. Aside from the cost, dining in restaurants is not allowed as a protocol against covid. I guess the situation has taught us how to be frugal in terms of our food budget. But on the other hand the restaurants are on the losing end of the bargain since only a few customers are ordering for delivery or buying for take out. It is always better to cook than to buy cooked food.


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Cooking your own food at home is better than buying.You get to save money and you are able to cook only the specific amount you need.You also get to choose which ingridients to use that are good for you.


I've always cooked at home but I used to enjoy going out once a week as a treat. Pubs and restaurants opened up again this week in England but only outside so when the rush has died down I will go again. Someone to cook for me, no washing up. Can't wait!

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