Difficulty in breathing when in the gym


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With the mention of the gym, what comes to mind is the strenuous exercise that you do there. A friend was complaining of breathing difficulty when he was lifting weights. That scared me because I know of a certain Mr. Ong who owned a gym. He was doing heavy gym exercises every day. Within a year of having the gym, he expired due to heart attack. My advice to gym goers is to be aware of the potential problem with the heart. Don't die in the gym, be considerate of your body alarms.


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google search "Andrew Galpin" if you are a listener there are some podcasts that feature him on and also featured by Peter Attia.
In one sentence your most optimal heartrate to achieve "healthy fitness" is only 85/100*(220-age), which is also called "zone 2" and is nowhere close to difficult. The catch is you have to do that every day as a habit like you eat and poop for 1 hour or more to improve your fitness.

If you have difficulty breathing at zone-2, then you should see your doctor immediately as there is definitely something wrong with you.

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