Do not freeze meat or fish


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It is unhealthy to eat frozen meat or fish so we only buy meat or fish that is needed for the day. Even during the lockdown we never did the freezing as much as possible. Buying frozen meat in the market is cheaper than fresh meat but we do not scrimp on that. It is just fine to spend more for fresh meat than buy the cheaper frozen meat. That also goes with fish.


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I don't eat meat so I never buy any of that frozen food stuff. But even in the frozen vegetables category, I never buy any except for frozen peas when they are not in season. Otherwise, I prefer only fresh food which is abundantly available all the time.


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I didn't know about that but i dont think it is unhealty to eat frozen foods.What i know is that fruits are not supposed to be exposed to high and low tempratures since they loose their nutrients.


In our place, frozen meat and fish cost more than fresh meat and fish. Normally, we buy in bulk and freeze and then eat whatever we want. Frozen meat is good as long as you season it and freeze properly. Home frozen meat is good, however, store-bought frozen meat contains preservatives that are harmful to your body.

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