Do not invest in crypto


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Pardon me for this topic if you are a crypto lover. My advice against crypto is due to its stability and tangibility. The crypto is just an invention in the digital form. My question, until now, is not answered. Who invented or created the Bitcoin. How much Bitcoin did he created? Can you imagine the money that he had gained when people bought his invention? And when there is no more buyer then you get nothing simply because your investment is a digital coin that has no real value at all.

Check my arguments versus the corporate shares of stock.


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I really don't have alot of information about that so i can't debate or make a good opinion about it. I have seen some people who have become rich because of crypto trading and all that stuff. I was also thinking of learning more about it before I can invest in it. I will consider what you have once i learn more about cryptocurrency and how it works.

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