Do you bypass occasions in this pandemic era?


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I'd say that we didn't bypass Christmas as we proceeded with the family reunion in spite of the risk of a spread of covid. On my birthday my grade school classmates came with a short notice that I couldn't say no. But for other occasions we do not celebrate anymore because of the risk of getting covid. To be honest, I am afraid to get covid so I just stay at home as often as I can. It is not good to go outside much more in celebrating an event.


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We don't bypass any occasions but we celebrate them by ourselves to the best of our ability. Even if we cannot have people over or go visit them, we can still enjoy as a family. The moments are special when you spend them with your family and you don't need to have a lot to truly enjoy with the people you love.


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We have bypassed many occasions during this pandemic era. Factors that contributed to bypassing occasions icluded finances, distance and even Covid.

But it hasn't affected us because we can celebrate in future occasions.

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