Do you follow an eating schedule?


Many people usually follow an eating pattern where they eat a definite number of meals everyday, and at the same times. Do you follow such a schedule? I usually just eat when I'm hungry, at random times. Some days I eat twice, and other days three times.


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I strictly follow an eating schedule to prevent the attack of acid in my stomach. When I get hungry the acid will appear as attested by the growling sound in my stomach. That is not good because it can give me a stomach ache and sometimes even diarrhea. When I go out I always have some crackers and water in the car so that if the traffic is heavy then I have something to eat when it is time to have a snack.


Well yes, we follow a specific schedule, breakfast at 9 in the mornings, lunch between 1:30 to 2 and dinner around 8 with occasional light snacks in between.

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