Do you play any sport?


I used to play a lot of soccer when I was in high school. This slowed down in university, but I still played a bit. I haven't taken part in sports since. Do you currently play any sport?


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My parents literally forced me to play a sport back in high school, so I still play it now in college. At first, I blamed them so much because I felt like a kid, I wanted to have fun and drink, but instead, I had to pay attention to everything I did. Hopefully, I'm not the only one that experienced that kind of stress because it's been hell for the first two years. After that, I started developing a passion out of it. Currently, I am one of the best soccer players on my team. Also, I'm obsessed with building and maintaining a nice physique. that's why I keep taking supplements like
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I am already a senior so the only sport that I can play now are the mild sport like golf. But gold is an expensive sport so even if my brother is good at golf but I have not engaged in it. To be frank, the sport that I played before are the free sport that I do not have to spend. Chess and basketball are the most popular sports during my time although I also tried football during my grade school years.


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I don’t play any particular sport, but I do spend some time in the gym weekly. Sometimes I get to play volleyball with my friends but not that often. I prefer to focus on my body mainly, and I consider my body to be my primary sport and my main achievement. Maybe I just don’t like competing.

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