Do you practice yoga?


I've never tried yoga. I also don't know how I would fair as I am not very flexible. Have you ever, or do you currently do yoga? If so, do you experience some benefits as a result?


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I do yoga a few times a week. If you really want to learn yoga, you can watch youtube videos, practice slowly and consistently and you will regain your flexibility with yoga. It is a good thing to first learn breathing techniques initially which is the key to doing yoga.
Yoga is a great choice if you're feeling tense and anxious. Thanks to some practice, I have been able to find harmony within myself, even though it seemed impossible to me before. My boss used to bug me at work that I was not supposed to do according to protocol. It was very stressful for me. One evening while I was mopping the floors in the office, I happened to come across a brochure of a yoga course near the table of one of my colleagues. This got me interested, and after buying everything I needed to start a yoga class like, I began my journey. I strongly advise you to try the practices of Isha


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I do yoga almost every day. I noticed changes in my body after a year of doing yoga. I became stronger and my stretching became better, I didn't even expect such results from yoga.

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