Don't get a pet if your budget for the pet is not sure


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I saw this advice on tv yesterday when a vet was interviewed. In our culture a dog or cat is just an animal that you can tie by the gate or just let it loose in the streets. One of the main reasons for the stray dog is the lack of budget for the dog. When the owner cannot provide anymore with the food and other needs of the dog then it is let loose. I think that mentality should be curbed by having a law against stray dogs. I have seen so many dogs in the street that looked very sick. Obviously the owner didn't care to have it cured so it was left in the street.


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I also agree with that there is no need of buying a pet and not giving it proper care. You should be ready to spend money on your pet just like you can spend on yourself. If you don't have enough money just don't buy it wait until you have saved up enough.

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