Eating crackers can affect the cholesterol level


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When I learned of my cholesterol level that is above the normal number our doctor gave me a list of what to eat and not what to eat. I was surprised that baked products can affect the cholesterol level negatively. That means eating bread, biscuits and pastries that include crackers. Oh well, since I am not fond of eating crackers so I am not affected in any way. I will just stick with the nuts and the fruits that are in season.


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I've always known that consuming processed foods especially junk food had a bad effect on the cholesterol level. But consuming them in moderation is safe.

Though not all baked products are bad because baked potatoes are healthy.


Unfortunately, most of the foods and snacks that people crazy for, are very unhealthy and always lead to complications. Most fast food joints are responsible for 90% of all clogged arteries, obesity and heart problems imo.

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