Eating Food for Three Meals


I love cooking as it is always cheaper than buying ready-made food. Moreover, I always like cooking as it ensures that I can personalize by adding my preferred ingredients. Moreover, I always strive to cook food that is bound to last me around three meals. For instance, I cook food that I eat for supper, the following breakfast and lunch. This way, I do not cook multiple times in a day. It also ensures that I save on utilities like water bills and gas. Besides, I find myself washing minimal utensils.


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I am now living alone although I still have a housemaid. Since there are only 2 of us, what I cook is the food for lunch and dinner. That is to save me from labor - I prefer to do the cooking instead of delegating it to our maid. It saves me a lot with the food when I cook. However, we also order food for delivery once in a while when I was not able to go to the market. Cooked food at home is more nutritious even if it requires labor from yours truly. Marketing for cooking ingredients is a must for me so I could choose the fresh vegetables and meat.


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That's a good idea but for me I get bored eating the same food more than twice a day. Living alone is hectic when it comes to deciding what to eat or what to cook. Having other people in the house pushes you to cook and change the diet more often.


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It's fantastic to hear that you enjoy cooking and have found a way to make it both cost-effective and convenient. Your approach of cooking in larger quantities to cover multiple meals is a great way to save time and resources. You could invest in good-quality storage containers to keep your cooked food fresh and easily accessible. Label and date containers for easier meal selection.


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I totally agree with you on the joys of cooking! It's not only cost-effective but also a fantastic way to put your own personal touch on every meal. Cooking in batches to last multiple meals is a smart move. It not only saves time but also reduces the need for extra resources like water and gas. Plus, fewer dishes to wash is always a bonus!

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