Farm lot for a retirement home


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The farm lot is getting popular in the suburban towns here particularly those near the mountainside. The farm lot is at least 1 hectare with water supply and a road but usually no electric supply. Most of the buyers are retirees who build a small house and use the land for a vegetable garden and orchard. It is also my dream but for now I do not have enough funds to buy a farm lot. I also want maybe 2 hectares because I love small trees.


My husband has inherited a farmhouse from his parents. We are living in a small town, we plan to move to a big city soon. However, after 10-15 years, when we are ready to retire, we have decided to go back to the farmhouse, build a nice and spend the rest of our life.


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That is my dream as well. Save up enough to buy a farm lot, not very huge, something small that I can myself work on and grow my own veggies and fruits. Maybe rent out a room or two to people who want to volunteer on farm duties etc,


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I would truly like to get a farm lot for my retirement home. I have lived on a farm during my childhood, as my grandparents had a very big farm in Texas. However, since my dad had a lot of debts when he inherited them, he lost them to the bank. Well, we were all disappointed about it, but we had to get used to that thought. Now, I dream about getting a farm by the time I retire. I spend my entire nights looking at tractors on and different farm lots all around the US and even in Europe!
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