Free ride on the trains for April


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In this coming month of April the government declared the trains to give free ride to all passengers. This is a subsidy to at least soften the impact of the gasoline prices. We had 2 price increases of gasoline that public transport operators are clamoring for a fare increase. But the government is firm on the status quo. The public is advised to stay home as much as they can to alleviate the transportation problem.


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Your government is very kind to declare that trains should offer free services. The prices of gasoline increased in my country last week. This has affected the prices of other things like bread, milk and even fare.

It would be nice if we had free transportation here too.


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Our neighbors are excited with the free ride on the train that starts tomorrow, April 1. Some of the neighbors have plans of going to the city since transportation is free. My take on that is the crowd. When the ride is free you can expect an influx of passengers that I'm sure the line to the turnstile will be very long. What do you get when you save a few pesos for the fare but you have to brave the crowd?

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