Frugality is practicality


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This topic reminds me of my father who is a very practical man. He would buy the cheap toothpaste because it practically works the same as the expensive soap. That is a good reasoning and I respect him for that. Until now I still think of products that I have to buy. Is it the price or quality? Come to think of it, how would you know the quality of a soap if you have not used it at all? Try several soaps to test and then you can decide which is the best.


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I also do practice frugality but not in every item. When it comes to soap, I buy for washing hair then I get a different one for clothes. Then I buy a different soap for utensils. And I also have a soap for washing the face only and another for the body.


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Frugality is good for not just us, but it is also very good for the world we live in. Frugality means that unnecessary things are not produced on large scale, but hardly very few realise the importance of being frugal. Now everything is fast, from food to fashion where people use things for a very short period of time and then just throw them away.

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