Getting a mortgage to finance a business


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One friend is planning to get a bank loan on his home so that he can start up a business. I was scared for him because this pandemic era is not a good time for an offline business much more a restaurant. He has special dishes and is very confident that his food would be a hit in our town and later nationwide. Maybe I can be a partner but still that is far from my mind right now.


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Most of the time, those who take a big risk win, or it can happen vice versa, to lose. There is a saying, "if you don't risk you don't drink champagne". So, I would be curious to know what happened. Did your friend with the restaurant succeed or not, and if so, did you contribute to his success? We still took a big risk to get a mortgage during the pandemic, but it's good that we did. He was done quickly and easily through the Leeds Mortgage Advisor team. It would have cost us more if we had taken out a mortgage now.
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